Oil & Gas

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Oil & Gas

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HUM ELIT OIL is an international supplier company focused on the oil and gas equipment.

As two well-established company, HUM from Turkey and ELIT OIL from Ukraine, aim to meet the needs of the oil sector with high quality standards as a reliable industrial production and supplier company by combining their knowledge and capabilities.

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Heat Exchangers

As HUM ELIT OIL, we produce and supply heat exchangers and similar process equipment that comply with the standards, which are high-tech, efficient and affordable.

These equipment are manufactured in accordance with international design codes and standards by our own production plants or by other suitable manufacturers with machine and pressure tank design programs.

- Heat Exchangers
- Pressure Vessels
- Columns
- Reactors

Reciprocating Gas Compressor

We manufacture and supply main parts for 10GKN, 10GKM, 10GKNA, MK-8 and MKS-12 type reciprocating gas compressors.

Compressor Spare parts
-Connecting Rod
-Piston and Piston Rod
-Piston Rings
-Rod Bearing, Pin Bushing

Pumps, Valves and Instruments

We supply the pumps, valves and components, filter elements, collectors, PIC Valves, PIC Plates and other spare parts used in the gas compressor units from the manufacturers with the desired capacity, specifications, quality and standards.